Recipe: Peanut Butter and Apple S’mores Pizza

I know what you’re thinking. We’re only three posts in and we’ve already jumped the shark. Peanut butter and apples on a pizza is already crazy enough. WTF are you doing putting s’mores on there too? Before we all jump… Continue Reading →

Recipe: S’mores Fro-Yo

Call it bravery, call it hubris—whatever the foolish feeling, Will and I were somehow possessed make s’mores fro-yo our first recipe. “Recipe” is a strong word. We probably adhered more closely to “culinary alchemy,” with mixed results, so bear with… Continue Reading →

Review: S’mores Ice Cream from Richardson’s

National S’mores Day wouldn’t have been complete without actually indulging in a s’more inspired treat! Luckily Richardson’s, one of the best ice cream joints in the area, came through with flying colors. The kiddie cup of s’mores decadence was rich… Continue Reading →

Happy National S’more Day!

S’mores have been a passion of mine for so long that I don’t remember a time my life without them. I consider myself lucky to have no recollection of a time before s’mores (how dreadful!) but I do wish I could recall my first experiment… Continue Reading →

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